Supernatural: 10 Times Dean & Castiel Were Relationship Goals

Dean’s pairing with Castiel led the way for their character development and cemented them as relationship goals in the eyes of many Supernatural fans.

Out of all the relationships that were shown in the CW’s Supernatural, Dean and Castiel’s bond remains the absolute favorite for viewers. While fans have many questions about Dean Winchester, they don’t argue over the notion that he and Castiel were essentially together like a couple the whole time.

There were many traits and moments between the two that attest to the Destiel fanship, but they are also appropriate to consider as an actual romantic relationship. It’s worth taking a deeper look into the dynamic between Dean and his favorite angel, as they proved several times why they just might be the greatest love story that ever was.

10 When They Gave Each Other The Silent Treatment

Dean and Castiel’s squabbles usually played out like an actual couple, with plenty of techniques like the silent treatment done in order to gain the other’s attention. After Castiel killed Billie to save Dean, the latter got angry that Castiel may have brought harm to himself as Castiel broke the deal between Dean and Billie by taking her life.

To this end, the two pretended they didn’t care about each other, yet did the opposite by regularly butting into their business and then bickering like an old married couple. Of course, this was just a way for them to show concern, as they eventually reconciled by admitting they were simply worried about one another.