Supernatural Meets The MCU: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn’t)

Dean and Black Widow may be mismatched, but Sam and The Hulk may be just right for one another!

The MCU and Supernatural both feature supernatural and fantasy elements in the forms of characters, events and worlds alike. It’s not so far-fetched to think that there could be a possible connection between the two, which in turn would make romances between characters from these two universes that much more possible.

Sam and Monica Rambeau would certainly be a dynamic couple, supporting one another and everyone they come across in their adventures. However, Bela Talbot and Iron Man would be better off not knowing one another, given their morals are just too different for a relationship to work between them. Who else might work?

10 Would: Sam & Monica

Monica is a badass, and she cares for others. She was the only one willing to understand Wanda’s pain and motivations in WandaVision, and she really connected with her as a result. Monica is also incredibly intelligent and kind. This isn’t unlike Sam, who goes the extra mile to understand others, as was the case when he defended Amy and anytime he’s defended Dean’s actions. Together, Sam and Monica would be an unstoppable force, and they would be very caring and understanding towards one another, helping the other accomplish goals and still provide a listening ear whenever needed.

9 Wouldn’t: Mary & Black Panther

Mary Winchester wasn’t exactly mother of the year, especially since Dean and Sam found out she’d given Azazel permission to use Sam, and because she was so selfish and somewhat cruel upon being brought back to life by The Darkness. She failed to reconnect with her sons, and went off with the British Men of Letters. Where Mary put her struggles and needs above everyone else’s, Black Panther is the exact opposite, as he is always concerned about Wakanda, and of course, his family, especially after the death of his father. Their goals and ideals are just too opposite for anything to ever work out between these two.

8 Would: Castiel & Captain America

Castiel is an angel of the Lord. Captain America is a famous soldier in America, a legend in the military. Both serve their leaders faithfully. Both men are dedicated to their posts. Castiel becomes more loyal to the Winchesters over time in the series, and even Captain America strays from authority, doing what he believes is right, especially in Captain America: Civil War.

These two men would certainly relate on their experiences in this sense, and they would make a striking team, with Cas in a trenchcoat and Captain America in red, white, and blue!

7 Wouldn’t: Lucifer & Pepper