Mama Deer Rescues Fawn Frozen In Fear On Road

A driver uploaded video on Instagram on Sunday showing a doe walking toward her fawn on a highway in Port Orchard.

Jessie Larson, who filmed the scene, said she turned off her car engine so as not to frighten the animals

When the mother found her offspring, she approached it as it was lying down on its stomach. The fawn is then seen being nudged to move off the highway.

The adorable video generated close to 200,000 views on Instagram as of Sunday night.

Jessie Larson was overjoyed to be there to capture the moment on video.

Larson, a local resident, was driving on Baby Doll Road in Port Orchard when she came upon the scene.

The pair eventually made their way off the road and into some nearby bushes.

She turned her car engine off, she said, so the fawn’s mother wouldn’t be scared off.