Mark Harmon Ready To Make His ‘NCIS’ Exit Permanent?

Has Mark Harmon finally wrapped on his time with NCIS? That’s what plenty of tabloids have been reporting. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumors and can set the record straight.

Mark Harmon Moving To Montana?
Last year, Star reported that Harmon was growing tired of Hollywood life and was ready to retire for good. According to the report, the actor had his sights set on escaping to the Montana ranch he owns with his wife, Pam Dawber. An insider told the outlet, “He’s tired of the traffic and the crowds,” adding, “He loves being surrounded by nature and seeing the stars at night. It’s getting to the point where he just wants to be on the ranch.”

But thankfully, Gossip Cop was able to debunk the story. As we explained at the time, production on the season mentioned had ceased due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Harmon didn’t have any immediate plans to leave Hollywood. In fact, he returned for another season of NCIS that fall.

Harmon Preparing For ‘NCIS’ Exit?
Then, earlier this year, the National Enquirer reported Harmon was “ready to walk into the sunset with Pam.” The report was referring to the announcement that Harmon’s wife Pam Dawber would be guest-starring for four episodes of NCIS. An insider explained Dawber’s role was “the surest sign yet that the 69-year-old heartthrob is preparing to split from the hit show.”

While Dawber’s appearance on the show might have been a sweet farewell, another tabloid alleged it was causing some issues in her and Harmon’s marriage. OK! asserted that Dawber’s return to acting was causing a “career clash” for the couple. Apparently, she was so thrilled by the experience that she was eager to land more roles, just as Harmon was planning to quit acting for good.

Mark Harmon Leaving Over Work Conflicts?
The National Enquirer had another story to tell about Harmon. Apparently, “hermit” Harmon was becoming extremely unpleasant to work with. His behavior had reportedly “left the workaholic with a reputation as TV’s biggest bore!” The sources went on, insisting, “Even his friends are saying that he’s no fun to be around anymore.” The insider claimed Harmon’s executive producer status had given him an inflated sense of authority, and he’d become quite domineering. “The responsibilities wear more heavily each year, and you can’t help but notice how gray and aged he’s become over the last 20 years,” confided the insider.

If that were true, maybe it’d make sense Harmon was ready to leave NCIS behind. But thankfully, not a word of the offensive report was based in fact. Granted, rumors of Harmon’s exit continued to heat up when the show’s 18th season wrapped with Harmon’s character’s boat exploding. With a run as long as Harmon’s on the procedural, it only make sense that viewers would be worried he’s going to bid farewell eventually.

But there is good news for NCIS fans: CBS has renewed the show for a 19th season and has confirmed Harmon will be returning. While some speculation was understandable, it’s obvious these tabloids meant to perpetuate doubt when they had no true information on the actor or his plans. Harmon may decide he wants to step away from NCIS sometime in the future, but we know that time isn’t now