Mark Harmon of ‘NCIS’ was a Coors Light distributor before he became a crime solver.

Mark Harmon of ‘NCIS’ was a Coors Light distributor before he became a crime solver.

Mark Harmon is best known these days for his role as Gibbs on the successful CBS police drama NCIS, but he used to work as a beer salesman. To be accurate, Coors beer. That’s correct, about the same time the NCIS star was voted sexiest man alive, he was advertising beer on television. And that’s not all: Harmon has a long list of acting credentials prior to joining NCIS.

Mark Harmon, from ‘NCIS,’ was the Coors spokesman.

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Mark Harmon, the NCIS lead, may be out solving crimes these days, but he used to be doing something very different. Mark Harmon was hired by Coors in 1985 to be their spokesman in a series of advertisements emphasizing the drink’s several distinct attributes.

Harmon starred in multiple Coors commercials, most of which focused on the company’s brewing process, unpasteurized bottles, and other similar topics. One advertisement, for example, depicts Harmon fishing in a creek while discussing patience.

“Patience is a virtue. It was the first thing that came to me when I learned about Coors beer. From malting to brewing to maturing, everything is done by hand. The entire procedure. They are never in a hurry. It takes about twice as long to make Coors as it does any other major beer,” Harmon claimed while sauntering towards a log next to a basket of Coors placed in the stream.

“They do take their time,” says the narrator. However, you can tell the difference right now. A beer that’s a little less heavy, never bitter, with all the spirit and patience of a great beer. He grabs a can and says, “Coors is the one.”

Another ad features the NCIS star walking through a field of cows while discussing pasteurization, and yet another sees him walking through a ranch or park, while discussing how Coors was his family’s beer of choice. Coors was clearly going for a sort of grassroots, homestyle feel with… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.