NCIS 2021: Ducky was behind Gibbs’ finale escape in explosive new fan theory

NCIS season 18 concluded with a shocking twist for Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but some perceptive fans think they know how he’ll make his way back to the series.
This year’s explosive instalment of NCIS wrapped up with unexpected developments for both Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) and Gibbs (Mark Harmon). With his fate in the next instalment on CBS unclear, a new theory may have burst the explosive season 18 finale wide open.

Viewers think they have a pretty good idea of what actually went down in the shocking conclusion to NCIS’s riveting 18th season.

The audience watched in horror on Tuesday as it appeared both Bishop and Gibbs could be leaving the series permanently.

While Bishop abandoned Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and the team to go undercover, Gibbs’ maiden voyage on his newly built boat was interrupted when it suddenly exploded.

Thankfully, the suspended team leader managed to survive the blast, as he was seen swimming away before the final credits rolled.

As the series heads into its lengthy summer hiatus, fans now have several months to ponder who could have been behind this horrific attack.

Alternatively, there are already plenty of theories out there suggesting Gibbs rigged the explosion himself to fake his death.

Before the finale got underway, a special prequel episode revealed the former Special Agent in Charge’s first encounter with his faithful medical examiner, Ducky Mallard (David McCallum).

Recent speculation suggests this fortuitous meeting could be the key to explaining Gibbs’ narrow escape.

One perceptive viewer took to Reddit when they remembered the prequel, titled ‘Everything Starts Somewhere’, revealed Gibbs is currently living in Ducky’s old house.

They wrote: “I just got to thinking about the tunnel and Ducky being the original owner. I think I know what that place could’ve originally been.”

Gibbs’ methods of transporting his hand-crafted vessels out of his underground basement has been a major talking point since the series began.

However, it’s widely assumed the property is fitted with some sort of tunnel, which could lead out to some sort of hidden entrance.